A projection mapping installation at the Moss Arts Center.

Director: Thomas Tucker
Sound: Tanner Upthegrove
Animation: George Harderbeck, Jingyi Liang, Fang Liu
Crew: Douglas Witney, Kevin Ayoub, Ryan Hasler
Photography: Dongsoo Choi


The Galileo Project

The Galileo Project is an interdisciplinary, experimental performance piece derived via crowd-sourced collaboration. The resulting work is representative of mixed reality environments that utilize emerging digital technologies, 3D spatial audio manipulation, interactive computer programming of sound and lighting, and an organic actor. Through these interdisciplinary efforts, the project explores connections between audience, artist, reality and synthesis.


Five Things You Can See

A short film by Micah Untiedt



A spatial audio composition for the Cube Spatial Audio Renderer featuring wave field synthesis, vector based amplitude panning, and high order ambisonics. Performed in the Cube, Moss Arts Center, May 4, 2015. Use over-ear headphones to hear some of the spatialization effects.



A spatial audio composition using wave field synthesis and Leap Motion for gesture control. Performed in the Cube, Moss Arts Center, December 1, 2014. Use over-ear headphones to hear some of the spatialization effects.


Ball Bounce Animation and Sound Design

A class project demonstrating animation in Maya



A piano composition, dedicated to my wife. Performed on Yamaha Disklavier. Inspired by composer Frédéric Chopin.



Experimental surf rock band inspired by film scores and popular music. Music composed by Ryan Baker. Arranging, recording, and mastering by Tanner Upthegrove and Ryan Baker. Various guitars, keyboards, and percussion by Tanner Upthegrove. 2006 – 2009.


Songs and Sketches